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My mission: remission!!!

I read about RA and all the immunology syndromes that come up and tack them selves on with time (I know) but for the record...I want remission! It's 2009 and I want this to be the year to kick it back to where it came from... I want to run again, not have mysterious fevers, lose 50 lbs, have clear skin...why not? It came quick...I've done everything possible to keep on top of it and push to the next level of I want out. I know there is power in a goal. So there it is...this is my immunological goal. I want remission

My 10 words from 2008

Growth. Courage. Release. Awe. Trust. Awareness. Joy. Healing. Clarity. Mercy

Rheumatrex is what my rheumatologist has decided to do. I am choosing
injections as my hope is to get into remission and I don't want to add
more side effects than I need day a week, I'm thinking Friday
nights so I can sleep a portion of it off and take it easy if need be
on the weekends. "Low dose chemotherapy" is what kind of reminds that
this is real...but not. The things we see are not, unseen...are! As I
know that until I'm better, I continue to follow doctor's orders,
believing that even thru new medicines, all testing, and trials (no
pun intended) Help is on the Way!

Thanks to very special people who lift me up along the way....

Moon Faces

What does a room full of RA'ers on Prednisone look like? Moonies! I
officially look in the mirror and repeat, "it's not what's in the
outside that counts," until I can believe it. Ok I know the "power of
positive" is way overused & even marketed in a skewd manner... But I
assure you that positive things said are very powerful when it comes
to not buying into the negativity that comes with being sick! That's
my version and I'm sticking to it! And yes...the moon face is still
there...but there's hope ill get off of this horrific/helpful drug
soon and maybe get to lose weight soon! I've got an appt this next
week! Ever heard if rhupus? This is our next topic a la diagnosis di


A picture says a thousand words....

Where is my new Rheumie?

My proposed Rheumatologist went out on maternity leave... Congrats!!!
I look forward to meeting her next year :) Seriously though it will be
that long and I'm super stoked about getting on some up-to-the-minute
drugs, instead of general "rheumatherapy".... Can someone please
process my referral asap???? My stand in guy sounds like a winner but
will be out on vacation all of October....augh

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