Rheumatoid Arthritis

Today was a good day...but not for THE RA. Hated walking, called all
the doctors, wanted to do so many things that just hurt too much. I
told someone last night "I'm sorry can you open this for me" and
explained in a sentence or two what I'm up against (not claiming it 4
life) and they said "oh you hide it well"....
Now they said that because it came out again..."we aren't really
telling people." See I'm struggling with what to do.... My iPhone
doesn't even recognize the acronym RA! I was 26 when they said it's a
rare, early onset of RA...I feel like it makes me "old" and being aged or wise is ok by me...but "old" is
different.... I do know that all things work together for the
good...but today I wondered how rough some days in the future might be
and how it might affect "this or that."
To get perspective I sat down to read "A Long Way Gone" and finished it out with The Bible; between, Job &
Ishmael Beah...RA didn't define my day!


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